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Czech poet and essayist Petr Kral is dead

Poet, essayist and literary critic, Petr Kral, who died on June 17 in Prague at the age of 78, was one of those writers who spoke Czech and French with the same fluency.had never sacrificed anything for his freedom, which earned him an often difficult existence and friendships as deep as they were exclusive.

Installed in Paris in 1968 both because of the invasion of Czechoslovakia by the troops of the Warsaw Pact and "to escape history", Petr Kral brought with him the legacy of surrealism, which had its second life during the "Prague Spring".His poetry collections and his essays published sometimes in Czech, sometimes in French, sometimes inspired by each other, together constitute a poem written endlessly.

Both in his life and in his work, Petr Kral was particularly sensitive to the concrete, to the immediate sensations, which served him as a springboard towards analogies with his inner universe and thus enabled him to reveal "the mysteries of reality".was extensive but selective: cinema, painting, poetry, photography.From music, he favored jazz from the interwar period, and from nature he loved only the city.

The suburbs at first sight without the slightest interest were his favorite landscapes, he marveled at their banal strangeness.If it was not easy to upset him when he defended his aesthetic or gastronomic tastes, he cultivated with the same perseverance and fidelity nostalgia for the inter-war period, an era with which he identified and in which he would certainly have liked to live.

Posted Date: 2020-06-26

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